How To Choose The Best Company To Sell You A Generator

Deciding to buy a generator for your home is an easy decision. Where it gets complicated is when you have to choose what type of generator and the company to buy it from. There are numerous companies out there, all promising you various little “extras” if you buy from them. So what do you need to keep in mind when making your decision?

What To Look For In A Good Quality Generator

You must choose the right size and that will depend on what you’re going to use it for. You may want a portable generator if you only plan to power essentials for a short period. You may want a high wattage generator if you have outages that last for days or weeks and you want to live as normally as possible. Or perhaps you want to find a generator that sits in between these two extremes.

What fuel will you use? You can use natural gas, propane, diesel or gasoline. Which one is better? The only real way to know is through research but ultimately you’ll need the advice from the company that you intend to buy your generator from.

What To Look For In A Company

There are lots of generator manufacturers and retailers out there to choose from. Companies in the US include Generac, Bowers Power, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, and even Costco all sell generators of different varieties.

This is where Google becomes your best friend. Do your research on each company to see just exactly what they offer. Let’s take Bowers Power Systems, for example. Apart from the usual offerings, they can provide you with choice of five different brands of generators. This saves you time and effort in your research. They also offer free troubleshooting via email or phone which can be very handy in a crisis.

Bowers Power Systems also offer natural gas and diesel generators so you can get a comparison from an objective company. If you contact a company that only sells one brand or one type of fuel, they’ll naturally try to sell you what they offer.

People Make The Difference.

When it comes to choosing a company, it often depends on the person you speak to. There are people who are born sales sharks and will say or do anything just to get a sale. Then there are other people who are more interested in seeing that you get exactly what you want and will talk you through any questions or concerns you may have.

These excellent customer-focused staff represent their companies well and are often the difference between you buying from them or someone else. You also need to ensure they actually understand the ins and outs of the generators they sell. While you may think that all staff should know everything, there’s always a senior salesperson who will know more than the others. Because this is a big ticket item and you can’t afford to buy the wrong generator, you must talk to the right person.

Talk to family and friends and read reviews on company websites so you can narrow down the list of companies you wish to contact. The key to making the right decision is to take your time and ask lots of questions. Only make your purchase once all your questions have been answered to your satisfaction and you’re happy with the choice of company and generator.